Bonding Liquid

Plascon Bonding Liquid is a clear, resin-based binding agent that restores soft and powdery plaster to a sound condition. Ideal for both interior and exterior use, it may also be used to seal excessively porous surfaces before painting.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


  • Recommended for use on cleaned surfaces which were previously lime-washed, loose and friable surfaces and under-bound masonry surfaces as a binding agent
  • For use on excessively porous surfaces such as gypsum plaster as a sealer coat prior to application of the undercoat or topcoat


  • Binds and consolidates soft, friable and under-bound surfaces
  • A versatile clear alkali-resistant sealer which prevents efflorescence
  • Excellent penetration into excessively porous surfaces
  • Provides adhesion to gypsum plaster for solvent and water-based topcoats
  • Promotes adhesion with subsequent coats
  • Does not have maximum overcoating time
  • Use as water-resistant barrier coat on, porous brick and concrete