Plascon Brickseal is a colourless, solvent-based, water-repellent coating, ideal for waterproofing unpainted bricks, concrete, cement, and other masonry surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


  • To create water repellency on unpainted bricks, stone, concrete, cement plaster, fibre-cement and other masonry materials


  • Does not change the natural appearance of the substrate
  • After evaporation of the solvent, the Plascon Brickseal lines the walls of the pores in the substrate while the pores remain open, allowing air movement and maintaining the natural breathing characteristics of the substrate
  • Siloxane based giving superior water repellency
  • Protection against spalling and cracking caused by corrosion of the reinforcing steel
  • Reduction of efflorescence
  • Improved thermal retention
  • The impedance of fungal growth
  • Protection of joints from decay caused by acidic industrial atmosphere and frost
  • Longer retention of new, clean appearance – prevents staining of stone and brickwork
  • Preserves the natural appearance
  • When fully cured it may be over-coated with decorative waterborne and solvent-borne paints. This combination enhances the weatherproofing properties of conventional coatings